Wet wipes: the technology that has changed the habits

Published: 22nd March 2011
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Hygiene, cleaning and care of your body are the guidelines for the welfare and health to accompany a healthy diet and lifestyle each day.
With the latest alarmism has become a requirement, especially in schools, but the gold remains unquestionable practicality. The wet wipes are good allies for cleaning and personal hygiene in any place and at any time. The fact wipes are a great alternative to running water when it is not available as when we travel, office, train or bus. There are many wipes on the market but be careful to buy, some can cause irritation or allergies because they contain special substances illegal in our country but granted by the laws of others. It is therefore essential to ensure the provenance of these products and if possible to rely on an Italian brand as opaque, a manufacturer of wet wipes of all types and suitable for use outside the home for each use. It 'also important to use the wipes for specific use for which they were created.

Essentially there are two main types of wet wipes that is currently the most widely used and cleansing wipes for the hygiene of the child. The wipes used to remove the makeup or cosmetics in general because of their practicality are increasingly replacing the use of cleansing milk or other cleansing especially where they are used as an intensive studies of aesthetics, but professional makeup artists are preferred especially when you travel or when you are forced to move a lot for work, spending long hours away from home and want to be in order and with perfect makeup.
Many are in fact types of wipes, each of which has a specific purpose and is used for an intended use, the cleaning wipes are useful for removing or arranging makeup gently and with care and skin cleansing wipes that contain special products for the total removal of make-up without leaving any marks and the quality assurance of the products they added. In addition, these wipes have certification for each phase of implementation and above all important agreements with makeup and cosmetic companies that can provide security for example, our skin and reliability. There are also multi-purpose wipes and, already known in the market, which can have a variety of applications, from hand washing on the road to clean surfaces to work.

Rather a product that has become essential, and which is also used intensively in structures such as nursery schools or kindergartens are surely the baby wipes, which are those that are used for cleaning and hygiene of the infant for diaper changes. Their use is essential when you travel or you are forced to clean the child out of the house also has become a commodity in the home. The composition of the cleaning elements, a moisture properly studied for delicate skin suitable for babies, a perfect moisture that drives the quality and softness of towels to the carefulness of the cream , a perfect mix for the care and cleanliness of children!

This article was written by Martina Celegato, with support from wet wipes.
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